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Squarian vs Bertram, campaign AAR

Sun Oct 10, 2010 9:47 am

Squarian and me played the full campaign of ROP till about halfway, with me as Prussian and Squarian as Austrian. I made an AAR of that war in the main section of the ROP forum. We ran into some trouble with the game, and decided to restart after patching to 1.03 beta7. We also decided to change sides for this game.

Turn 1, Early September 1756
Most of you will know the situation, but for those that do not:
Frederic of Prussia has invaded Saxony. Saxony is one of the fiefdoms of the Holy Roman Empire, which is headed by Austria. So are all the other fiefdoms in what is now Germany, Swiss and Northern Italy. So is Frederic himself, technically, but he isn't a very good subject. When there was a dispute about the succession in Austria (also called the 30 years war), and the Emperor was occupied elsewhere, he seized Silesia. This was some years ago. By now Austria/The Holy roman Empire was getting its act together, and business against the Turks (which keeps most of the troops busy) is more or less in hand. The Empire was slowly gearing up to correct the situation in Silesia. Frederic didn't wait for that, took the initiative, and invaded Saxony.
Saxony was ill prepared for this piece of inter-Empire fighting, and its army quickly retreated to Pirna, where they made a fortified camp. That is where they are at the beginning of the game, awaiting help from the main Austrian army. Unfortunately that Army isn't quite ready either...

In fact the only troops I can move are the troops around Prague. I reorganize them somewhat. My best ** commander, Joseph Lucchesse (3-2-2) gets the best generals and all artillery. All generals get a full contingent of troops, and I spread the light infantry over the units (to give a initiative bonus). As a bonus one of his generals (the aptly named Feurstein) gives a 10% bonus to the artillery in his Corps. The other troops are gathered under the army commander himself, Maximilian Browne.
I send Ducchesse two regions towards Pirna, to Budin, and Browne just one. The troops are disorganized, and will need some rest before engaging.
One other unit can move - some cavalry and light infantry under Hadik. I send them out in front, with orders to fall back when they spot the enemy.

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Sun Oct 10, 2010 11:05 am

I play a MP game as Austria right now (it's winter 57) and my advice is - slow and steady wins the race. Also unless your opponent storms pirna it should be possible to rescue at some troops by using the bateux (i think that the guard units, artillery and leaders are the most important).

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Mon Oct 11, 2010 11:35 am

It would be nice to be able to save some troops - but they are locked... in fact they stayed locked the whole time, except for one brigade that was unlocked the second early to evacuate. :(

Turn 2, Late September 1756
Ducchesse and Browne reach their destination. Hadik does the same, but some enemy troops arrive shortly after. Hadik does not retreat, but he does not engage either. I order him to retreat one region. The other troops stay where they are.
A new general and his troops got their march orders. Picolomini and his troops can move. I send them also to Budin, to support Ducchesse. Picolomini will pick up some additional brigades at the army headquarters.
I can buy one infantry replacements from the ledger (due to limited engagement points). I also build a grenadier depot unit and two regular infantry depot units.

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Mon Oct 11, 2010 1:52 pm

I would save EP (25 to be specific) for the swedish reinforcements at the start of 57 (you can send Charles of Lorraine to help with command points problems). Also it's useful to save some money for the french artillery as the have almost none (and 6 units available for purchase).

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Mon Oct 11, 2010 6:30 pm

Yes, after the second siege of Vienna, Ottomans(mixed bag ethnically) pushed back by coalition of Saxony,Bavaria and Austria sometime in 1680 or 90's. "Holy Roman Empire" as the title which is very questionable. Hungary was conquered by that Empire.
50 or more years passed after that victory... 7 years war mainly is about competition of power between Prussia and Austria.

About the game, Initiation bonus is very important. Also I try to put some light inf unit in most brigades. Austrian and French Generals are really bad. Apart from few. With the new patch you will have many supply in Russian Front. So Russian troops will be more useful, so it can be advantage, but we will see how the battle will be :)
I observed cavalry is much vulnerable to inf now. They can take many losses.

Glad to see you two play again. :)

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Tue Oct 12, 2010 8:20 am

I think there should be some sort of house rule that prohibits light infantry units from being placed in brigades to get the initiative bonus. In this period the light units were acting independently, not as part of brigades like in later periods. I think they should be attached to armies or corps as most of them have a 0 point command useage, jaegers are only 1, or in stacks on their own to provide a screen in difficult terrain or for raiding.
I always play like this as it seems more historically accurate to do so. :)

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Wed Oct 13, 2010 7:48 am

The title of "Holy Roman Empire" might be questionable, they took it still pretty serious at that time... Though their power had declined substantialy, the Emperors still regarded themselves as direct successors of Charlemagne, and Emperor of the eastern part of his empire. Their power declined a lot when the northern part of the princedoms turned to Protestantism, and they stayed Catholic, but it isn't a fluke that so many of the minor nations sided with the Austrians - they were his subjects as part of the Empire.
The Holy Roman Empire was only disbanded in 1800, to avoid being captured by that other Emperor - Napoleon. And they took his claim serious, because he was the successor of Charlemagne of that other part of the Empire - the western part (Napoleon took the way he crowned himself emperor from the way Charlemagne did.... he knew the symbolic value of that).
You could say that the root of the wars between France and Germany was the decision of Charlemagne to divide his empire between his 3 sons.... the wars were over the middle part, which broke up pretty quick.
Running from 800 till 1800 the Holy Roman Empire was with 1000 years actually one of the longer lasting ones. It served as inspiration for a guy a century later, who wanted another 1000 years empire...

Ebbingford: a good point about the light troops. It comes down (once again) to working within the rules of the game, and hoping the game has the historical context right, or using historical tactics regardless of the game mechanics. I fall somewhere in between those sides - in this case I use the light troops dispersed over the brigades. The more so because the game makes no real use of their specific capabilities otherwise.
Maybe the game could be changed so that brigades only got the initiative bonus when the whole brigade consisted of light troops? With a damage modifier and retreat bonus for the same? I dont see much use for light infantry brigades as detached units, taking minor towns or burning down the fields does not really help in this game. Any idea's how this might be changed? Or are the independend light units just not relevant due to the scale we play on?

To the game itself:
Turn 3, Early October 1756
The enemy makes a breach at Pirna. They can now assault the camp. They make no other moves - which is ok with me. It is raining in the mountains, which also helps.
Picolomini is still under way. I send some cavalry units out to scout a bit.I buy a regular depot btn.

Turn 4, Late October 1756
Not much changes. Another breach at Pirna, but the enemy didn't assault. I have reorganized the troops there, one stack is in command, and of about 1000 power. The other has 700 power, but a 35% penalty. I can't form brigades (or try to escape), as all the troops are still locked.
Picolomini has arrived in Budin. Some reorganization ensue. His artillery is added to Ducchesse his corps, as he got the bonus. Ducchesse his troops are now well rested, of about 2700 power, and dug in. Picolomini adds about 1500 power. Not enough to stop the full weight of the Prussian army, but enough to stop an adventurous incursion by part of it. (Their main force is about 2000 strong, with corpses of 1500, 100 and 1000. They also have better commanders and better soldiers, so I should have a serious power advantage to take them on).
A cavalry brigade is send to Chemnitz - just for recon.
I build 2 militia units - in the long run I have more soldiers then money (or at least, the Austrians had in the previous releases), so I better start going cheap. One is build in Prague, the other in Troppau. I am planning to build up a force there to liberate Silesia. It is a bit of an experiment - can I buy cheap units and train them up, instead of using "real" soldiers?

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Wed Oct 13, 2010 4:19 pm

Questionable part is about defining the real "Roman Empire" . Many claims about the successor but..

Religion of the Roman Empire was Pagan as origin. Religious Tolerance is to stop attacks in conquered territories from germanic tribes. Religion is in that example a political(to influence better) aspect of the Roman civilization. While on the other hand term Roman is independent from religions and ethnicity of rulers.
2.Mehmet(Ottoman) after conquering Constantinople(1453) called himself “Kayzer-i Rum” . "Rum" means "Roman". Centuries later after the defeat of "Holy Roman Empire" Charles V adressed as a "King" rather than emperor By " Süleyman the Magnificient" . At that time Ottomans was showing more characteristic about the true successor. They saw themselves as The Roman Emperor.

It is interesting that Roman Empire was't taken serious and blamed by any "sins" or about anything in dark ages by europa. After a while it was the main political tool to unite or conquer other parts of europa by Church approval..

about game:
I agree with light troops to be in corps level. Definetely more realistic then putting in brigade level. Also I agree they are not vey usefull by moving or pillaging. I hope in the future there will be some intervention added or some additional diplomatic options.

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Thu Oct 14, 2010 8:37 am

The name of the Holy Roman Empire isn't derived from the Romans (as Latin speaking, Rome based conquerers), but on the Roman church.... It is based on the medevial idea of "one nation under God", which Charlemagne realised (more or less) for western Europe. The Emperors of the Holy Roman Empire considered themselfs successors to this empire, not (directly) to the Roman empire. The Roman bit is to distinguis it from the remenands of the (actual Roman) Empire a bit to the east in Constantinopel, which were by then seperated from the Roman Church. It is a pretty common misconception though :) .

Turn 5, Early November
The enemy makes another breach at Pirna. This is too much for the Saxons, who surrender. With exception of one brigade they have been locked every turn, so no action was possible. This means none of them escaped. It does not really hurt our morale - it stays at 120.
Frederic is now free to try to get to Prague.... I will try to delay him once in Budin. The troops there are about 2500 and 2000 in power. After the battle I will try to fall back to Prague.
Daun finally has got his marching orders. He is probably the best general on the Austrian side (4-3-4). He was at court in Wien, so it will take him about two weeks to get to Prague. His troops will follow.
I will try an attack with my cavalry at Chemnits - if only just to see how the cavalry vs infantry goes in the new release.
Troops from the Austrian Netherlands (what is now Belgium) and Hungary also arrive in Wien. They will need to recover from their journey before they can join the war. It will be after the winter before they are ready.
I buy a single Freikorps to support the garrison in Prague. I plan to train them up in the winter (Daun has a trait that gives one xp/turn to the troops in his stack).

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Thu Oct 14, 2010 1:51 pm

"Misconception" is formed by purpose by some western European historians to twist the reality or own the Real Roman legacy somehow.Which is to find a new name for romans as Byzantine Empire. On the other hand followers of the only Roman Church is called by "Holy Roman Empire".

After the conquering of Rome, Germenic tribes or others refused anything about Romans apart from religion and church. Real Romans move to the city of Constantinople(City of ruler Konstantin). They were Romans not Byzantium. They called themselves Roman Empire not a Byzantine Empire thats why when Ottomans conquered the city they called themselves as the new Roman Empire. Baths or Turkish "Hamam" is the tradition of the Romans. That tradition was forbidden in Western Europa because apart from Roman Church they refused anything about Romans. I suspect they even helped Ottomans for conquering the city of Konstantin because they were disturbed by the Romans presence. Napelonic era they all lost importance. Church or union of Germanic nations. Coalition of Bavaria or Saxony or other in 7yw can be explained by the power struggles or protection needed for them.

Common misconception can be because of the wrong names given by historians that people can somehow confused about the terms or identity. But in present Roman Empire presented as (maybe more than the named "holy" empire) source for west european laws,science or ancestors which wasnt before.. :)

Edit: oops :) post was about Charlemagne. not the Holy Roman empire,(Roma-germen)

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Thu Oct 14, 2010 3:27 pm

Headquarters Dresden
Late February 1757

Everything's ready to go - I have a kingdom, an army, and allies. Now I just need a war. Overrunning Saxony was magnificent but it wasn't war. Three great powers moving against me - now that's war.

As for plans, as someone else said, "all the business of war, and indeed all the business of life, is to endeavor to find out what you don't know by what you do; that's what I called 'guessing what was at the other side of the hill.'


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Thu Oct 14, 2010 5:15 pm

Ouch - Squarians post shows that I am running a bit behind :) . Not that much happened....

Turn 6 Late November 1756
I await the coming of the Prussians - but they decline. Probably a wise decision, as there is snow on the ground. I retreat my troops to winter quarters.
The cavalry at Chemnitz got repulsed by the infantry - a good sign, but not conclusive, as the infantry was supported by some guns. I lose 340 cavalry, the enemy 170 infantry.
I buy some replacements - to keep the troops on strength throughout the winter.

Turn 7, Early December 1756
Snow - I buy two militia units.

Turn 8, Late December 1756
More snow, nothing of note happens. I buy some Insurrection infantry - militia with a fancy name.

Turn 9, Late December 1756
Even more snow. Daun arrives in Prague, as does Charles de Lorraine. Charles takes the command of the Bohemian Army over from Browne. Daun gets to command his own (Silesian) Army. I try to detach the columns from the Bohemian Army and attach them to the Silesian, but that won't work - they revert to being part of the Bohemian Army. As soon as the snow permits I will send Charles east, and reorganize the Silesian Army.
I am a bit surprised that I have more money than men...I thought it would be the other way around. Maybe later, when France and the Russians join? Or did the last update chance things here?
Anyway - no men to buy a unit.

Turn 10, Early January 1757
Snow, snow, snow.
The treaty of Versailles is signed, Russia will get into the game on our side.
The holy Roman Empire declares war on Prussia.
I get a total of 6 EP, 10 NM and 2 VP for these events... We are both around the 120 NM. Squarian is leading the VP race though, with about 280-180.
I buy a siege gun, to help liberate Silesia.

Turn 11, late January 1757
Some lessening of the snow in the west, but around Austria it is still all white.
Some of the troops in Wien are ready to move, but I wait till better weather. Charles of Lorriane, who has taken over command from Browne, is send to the east, to lead the liberating of Silesia. Daun is taking command of the troops around Prague (Which leads to the army of Silesia staying in Prague, and the army of Bohemia going to Silesia...).

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Thu Oct 14, 2010 5:34 pm

good luck guys.

Squarian, in my latest grand campaign as Prussian, I have concentrated on building depot battalions rather than new infantry units and it seems to do a better job of keeping Prussian units at full strength.

The Holy Roman Empire was actually founded by Charlemagne in 800 as a revival of the Roman Empire. By the 1750s it was more a symbol than anything else, but Maria Theresa considered it important enough that she had her husband, Francis Stephen, named co-ruler of Austria so he would be eligible to be elected emperor (as a woman she was not eligible). Apparently many Germans saw the war between Prussia and Austria as a rebellion by an unruly province against the Empire.

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Thu Oct 14, 2010 7:06 pm


Game: This AAR is going fast this time. :)

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Fri Oct 15, 2010 8:58 am

[color="Blue"]Guys, I never mind a good history discussion, but let's keep this trhead on-topic: Squarian and Bertram's AAR :) [/color]
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Fri Oct 15, 2010 11:15 am

It is easy to quick, when all you have to do is buy a unit (or not), hit "next turn" and reply to the mail :) .

Turn 12, Early February 1757
The snow stays for now. I buy two units of regular Hungarian infantry. Nothing of note happens.

Turn 13, Late February 1757
A treaty in Calcutta (between the English and some Indian Moghul) gives the English room to meddle in the continental affairs - the "army of observation" is made.
It is still winter, snow everywhere, (even in the west), no new troops are bought. I will build up some reserves to see where I need them most.

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Sun Oct 17, 2010 10:45 am

Turn 14, Early March 1757
The snow melts, the armies are moving. From east to west: there are rumors the Russians assemble an army in Kurland (I only see 2 Cossack cavalry units for now, and they are locked for the coming turns).
The Hungarian en Kroatian troops in Pressburg are partly ready to move. I send 6 infantry Brigades and 6 independent light cavalry Btn's to Olmutz. They will arrive in 2 to 4 turns. The cavalry already in Olmutz (a cavalry Brigade under Morack) is going to recon towards Silesia.
From Wien 3 infantry brigades and some cavalry is send to Prague. They have a march of at least a month ahead of them. More will follow next turn.
And finally from France: 16 infantry Brigades and 12 Cavalry Brigades start their march towards the Rhine. (Though it must be said that the cavalry Brigades are much less strong than their Austrian or Prussian counterparts, consisting of only 500 to 1000 men instead of up to 3000 men). It will take them 2 months (4 turns) to get to the Rhine - in fact the season for fighting might be over before they are ready to join.
A separate French force, consisting of a half Brigade and a cavalry unit are approaching from the Austrian Netherlands. They will arrive soon.

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Sun Oct 17, 2010 7:20 pm

Turn 15, late March 1757
To my surprise the weather turned bad again. Fortunately most of the units were near a structure, so damage won't be too bad. Other units seem to have anticipated the bad weather, and decided not to move at all.
Most of the troops in Pressburg didn't move - they are locked now.
All troops from Wien did move - they just move slow. An additional 3 brigades leave Wien for Prague this turn.
The French troops are moving through France to the Rhine - the first might arrive in the next turn. One column stopped along the way - it is locked.
The light Cavalry from the Austrian Netherlands arrived near Wesel. It looks like the enemy chose to hold on to Wesel, but is retreating it's regular infantry from the town.
The Swedish declared war on the Prussians. Their troops are not ready yet though... One strange thing I noticed: all units need to be build in Strallsund - not even a garrison can be build in Wismar. Swedish boats though need to be build in Holstein (Lubeck, Hamburg or Kiel). Odd....
I buy a small garrison for Budweis, I noticed it was open to anyone dropping in. I would love to buy some specialists (sappers, pontoneers), supply or artillery for the Austrians, but it is not available.
I now have a spare 25 engagement points- soon as I get more I will buy some replacement artillery and cavalry - and a leader after that.
Daun has drilled his first bunch of soldiers to * experience status. It seems the Hungarian Line Infantry is the easiest to drill, they all got one * (after, I think, 5 turns). The German Line Infantry needs a bit more experience before getting their * (probably 10 can't see that info anymore in ROP). As soon as things are settled a bit I am going to roulate (sp?) the Hungarian Infantry Brigades through the army HQ for a short drill....

Up to now it has been mostly moving and more moving - we will see how long it lasts.

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Sun Oct 17, 2010 7:38 pm

you will be able to buy sweedish reinforcements soon for 25 EP which you should probably do if you don't want them squashed by the prussians (also sending a 2 star general leading a corps form any of your armies would do wonders to the northern front - 2-0-0 is the best you can expect in 57 from the swedes).

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Sun Oct 17, 2010 10:43 pm

H.Q. Dresden

Late May, 1757

As the roads clear I'm groping across the frontiers, trying to find the enemy, impatiently awaiting Zeithen's couriers. So far, little sign of an offensive anywhere apart from the middle Rhine, where it appears Orleans is preparing to mount a siege of Dortmund. Daun seems content to wait around Prague. No sign of the Russians at all.

Meanwhile, I have done all I can to prepare us for the test - establishment returns show the battalions are up to strength and ready. Gott mit uns, indeed.


(One of the pleasures of the AGE games in general and ROP in particular is the way they recreate "fog of war". The last few turns I have had to use my light cav in exactly the way it was intended - scouting and probing, gathering as much information as I can. I haven't always had to do this in every wargame I've played, to say the least. Kudos to AGEOD for getting that "other side of the hill" dimension right. :thumbsup :)

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Mon Oct 18, 2010 8:33 am

As you can read in Squarians post, I am running a bit behind with the AAR. Both because it is a bit of work, and because I want to keep Squarian guessing :) . On the Austrian side it is really guessing where the main Prussian force is - and where it is going. Especially the last, as I try not to be there when they arrive....

I did buy the Swedish reinforcements - but hit a snag. See later turns. I really need my commanders down south, one disadvantage of the few battles is that nobody gets experience or seniority, so there is nobody I can promote... Therefore the only ** commanders I have are the ones I got from the game, and I have trouble forming enough columns as it is. The Swedish will have to fend for themselves.

Turn 16, Early April
The snow is gone everywhere, though it is still raining, making movement real slow. The damage from the bad weather is mostly one or two hits, on 6 units, so it isn't too bad.
A long turn to set up, but nothing much actually happens. Due to the scarcity of commanders most Brigades are better of marching separate. So the map is littered with single brigade forces marching to the front.
The French (those are mostly in Corps formation) reach the Rhine. Some cavalry is send to Dortmund, to probe the defenses. Most of the Army will be centered at Frankfurt, to push to Kassel. A sizable part will stay behind to take Wesel and secure Dusseldorf.
Near Prague my troops are digging in behind the Eger. I have not enough strength to march on Dresden yet (where the main Prussian force is, as far as I can tell). I might have to wait a year... I decided to send the Bavaria and Wurttemberg Brigades (5 in all) to Bohemia. (This is a game choice - you can send them to Bohemia, to Nurnberg or mobilize them at home).
In the East my "Army of Bohemia" is still very marginal... if any Prussians come scouting they will have to run for it. For now their mission is to scout the area. I will try to liberate upper Silesia (the southern part) this year. If Keith, the Prussian commander in this area, gets active I can either drop back, or try to cut him off.
In general my strategy this year will be to set up a cordon around Prussia, and try to squeeze them a bit. My main force will wait near Prague. If Frederic reacts, and moves to hit me somewhere, I will try to advance elsewhere. That is - if I get my troops to move....
I buy a large Swedish reinforcement. The Prussians have reacted to the Swedish war declaration by building militia units near the border (this is a game event).
The British army is being assembled.
I also buy replacement troops (depot btn) of several small nations.

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Mon Oct 18, 2010 8:35 am

I might as well post the next turn also, no secret information in this one :)

Turn 17, Late April
My French force reaches Wesel, only to discover that the Prussians have left after all... It is a cheap win, but there is no depot in Wesel. Something I need to change, if I will use it as base.
The cavalry that went to Dortmund hasn't arrived yet. That is the tale of this turn - almost nobody arrived at their destination yet. Another turn of marching is planned.
The enemy troops did arrive at some of their destinations - both Hamburg and Lubeck are under siege. Hamburg will hold for the moment - there are just some cavalrists outside the gates. The situation is worse at Lubeck - Karl von Katte with about 2500 men is laying siege to the unfortified town. I expect the enemy to take the town next turn, and there isn't anything I can do.
My cavalry recon forces meet with enemy cavalry, out on the same mission. Till now they manage to avoid each other. I will try to capture some of the enemy cavalry - while staying out of his hands....
I buy a HRE militia, to garrison Wesel.

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Tue Oct 19, 2010 7:54 am

Two turns this time, to keep up with the game. Still only preparations for the fighting..

Turn 18, Early May 1757
More marching. The cavalry units look at each other, but don't engage. The troops I had targeted for an interception managed to slip away, and are spotted near Prague. We will try again to intercept them...
My French cavalry brigade arrives at Dortmund. The enemy has a sizable garrison there - about 90 strong. My cavalry is 120 strong - I think I will bottle the enemy up for now, and will wait till some of my infantry arrives.
I buy some additional light cavalry, Saxons.
We sign another treaty at Versailles, in effect exchanging the Austrian Netherlands for France support till Silesia is Austrian again. The support consists of 129.000 French troops and 12 million guldens a year till Silesia is Austrian. And for good luck the French throw Parma in the deal.... The Russians just promise to help (I wonder what is in it for them?).
I notice something odd - I still have the option to buy additional Swedish troops with the engagement points. And none have arrived... it seems something went wrong there. I also had 28 EP when I got the choice two turns back. Though I got 2 EP for the morale adjustment, and 10 for the events I now have 30. Somehow this does not add up... Anyway, I try again.

Turn 19, Late May 1757
Prussian Brigades turn up at Hamburg and Kiel. Von Katte and his men arrive at Wismar - laying siege to the lone militia unit there. My Swedish reinforcements arrive this time - though they are woefully short on leaders (and completely missing good leaders). They are also locked another 2 turns, so there is nothing to stop the Prussians for now.
The Russians are acting - two Cossack cavalry units are available. They will recon the road to Memel.
The French are still gathering near Frankfurt. I send one column to Dusseldorf. My cavalry will keep the enemy troops there bottled up.
The main enemy force at Dresden is moving somewhat. Cavalry is sighted in the mountains, a force arrives at Chemnitz and drives my cavalry out. My armies there are as strong as I can make them...I just wait what happens. The enemy cavalry around Prague stumbles upon my army HQ - and reserves. The escape with 250 men lost.
Along the Oder the enemy is also stirring. Kurt and his army arrived in Kosel, which was screened by some Austrian cavalry.I hope his only goal was to drive away this cavalry, but fear a march on Troppau. My troops at Troppau are scrambling to get some force together, but part of my men are still en route, and I am short of generals. I can total a column of about 750 strength, under von Biberstein. I would like to retreat Charles, who heads the army here, to a safe distance, but he has pressing matters to finish inside Troppau (he is locked).
I can get some Irish soldiers in France, but need 10 EP to get them. I have but 4 :( .

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Wed Oct 20, 2010 8:40 am

Turn 20, Early June 1757
As expected I lost Kiel this turn. Hamburg is still under siege - I expect to lose it soon. Wismar is also under siege - but it is the only fortified town here, and the enemy seems to have brought no siege guns. So its walls are holding for now.
My French infantry arrives at Dortmund. After some reorganizing (their commanding general was inactive - fortunately the commander of my cavalry force was not, so I attached some infantry to his force) I have a force there that can assault the town.
I finally have my army of the HRE active - I reorganize them in to a real Army (with the rather useless Joseph von Saxen-Hidburghausen (2-0-0) at its head), and a column under the somewhat more able Graf Hohenzollern (3-2-1). I just hope he isn't influenced to negatively by his commander... This column is send to Wurzburg.
Frederic himself moved with some forces from Dresden to Erfurt. That takes some of the pressure from my forces around Prague - though Heinrich, backed up by a column under Ferdinand is still with a major force in Dippoldiswalde. I order the column under Ducchesse one region in the direction of the Prussians - to Lobositz. It might get Squarian to doubt his decision to move Frederic.... The French are more vulnerable to an attack then the Austrians.
Kurt moved back from Kosel to Glatz. My men at Troppau are relieved... One month, and the last of my troops will arrive there. Then I can either advance on Kosel, or send a (small) detachment to take Katowice and Gleiwitz. My cavalry swarms out here again, to keep an eye on the enemy, and to turn military control to my side, before I move in my infantry.
The Cossacks are still underway from Kurland to Memel.
I buy mainly replacements. A Swedish general (a good one, with *** ) would be nice, but they don't seem to exist... Gustav must be spinning in his grave..

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Thu Oct 21, 2010 6:26 am

Turn 21, Late June 1757
Surprisingly Hamburg isn't assaulted yet. That means my men can see a siege artillery unit land on the shore of the Elbe. It will be moved on to Wismar, no doubt. Wismar is still holding, though when that siege gun arrives it will fall for sure. I have some Swedish infantry unlocked. The best I can get together is a 550 strong mobile force though. They are send to Rostock. Maybe they can relieve Wismar, though I have little hope. Some cavalry is send along to see what force the enemy has (it seems my defenders of Wismar are to rattled to tell).
The French take Dortmund. My cavalry already build a screen a region or two deep, so the troops keep moving towards Munster (the main force, with the siege equipment) and Lippstadt. I expect the British to arrive and "observe" shortly. A depot is started in Dortmund - it can link to both Munster or Lippstadt if needed.
The HRE troops are still moving. Frederic his cavalry arrives at Fulda, his infantry main force is a region behind. I hope my French here are strong enough to stop him, or at least make anything he does costly. He isn't expected to stay.... I have send some three cavalry units north from Karlsbad, to hinder his supply. The result of the arrival of Fredric is that the French are now stopped just north of Frankfurt, and not pushing north to Kassel. This gives the Hannoverian and British time to reinforce there... I suppose that was Squarians intention,..
Between Prague and Dresden Ducchesse and his men arrived at Lobositz. Picolomini is ordered to join him - they might try to drive Heinrich out of Dipoldiswalde. That would have Frederic running back :) .
North of Prague Bevern appears with a column. Unclear is what kind of troops and what strength it is. Cavalry is send to see.
In the east I send out my cavalry again, to get control over southern Silesia. I can even send a light infantry brigade with a siege gun to Katowice, and keep a 1000 strong force in Troppau. It would be nice if I could take southern Silesia before winter sets in.
My Russian force still consists only of the two Cossack units... They try to take military control over the road to Memel.
I buy another French supply unit (to replace those I used to build the depot at Dortmund). I am running out of money - so I buy some militia. Annoying is that I cannot use the militia to get military control - even when I have a town - like Wesel - when only militia guards it, it will show up as contested.

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Turn 22. Early July 1757
Lots of developments.
Around Dortmund my orders got tangled up a bit. One of the forces did not move, so I ended up with a small force laying siege at Lippstadt, and my larger force still at Dortmund. The English army - or the largest part of it - turned up just east of Munster. The Duke of Cumberland has a force of about 1000 power - with an additional column of about 2000 strong!!! My largest force is at Dortmund, and they are about 1600 strong. I order them to start digging.... I will leave Lippstadt again, and concentrate my forces at Dortmund. I fear I cannot hold it, but will make the English pay for it..
Down in the Black Forrest - between Frankfurt and Kassel - things went better. Frederic came in from the east, with Wutginau pushing down from Kassel to the south. Wutginau didn't reach our troops this turn, and Frederic got repulsed!!The French managed to get their columns together just before the battle commenced, and had 47.000 men, against 34.000 Prussians. Though the French lost more men (1700) then the Prussians (900), the Prussians had to retreat. It seems Frederic didn't dare to take enough men from the front near Dresden to hit the French real hard. Coming turns I will try to cut Frederic off, and harass him - he has to take the initiative :) . Aattacking him might be just a bit too bold.
Near Dresden not much happened. I would like to push north, but all my troops are locked. I keep using my cavalry to take control of selected regions, and make a nuisance of myself.
In Silesia the liberation is going on - turning military control to my side, and laying siege to Katowice. No breach there, but I did manage to hurt the garrison. My troops at Troppau are almost complete - then I will try to advance them.
The Russians landed 10.000 men at Memel. They lay siege to the town. I spread the cavalry around, to take control of the countryside.
Hamburg surrounded, as did Wismar. The Swedish are unlocked, but moving real slow. I have little faith that I can make progress here, but aim to bind as much troops as possible.
I used the 5 EP I have to keep Danzig supplying my (Russian)troops. I am rather low on money now....

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Turn 23, Late July 1757
The British force near Dortmund didnt move this turn... I am not complaining....
Frederic moved north-west, linking up with Wutginau just south of Kassel. My cavalry moved to Erfurt and regions around there, so he is cut off from the east. He can get supply from the north though. I will see if I can prevent that....
Around Dresden a Prussian force under Heinrich departed to the west. Not clear if they will go to Chemnitz, or will reopen the road to the west and reinforce Frederic. It seems the right moment to push with my main army towards Dresden though.... Only one column isn't locked, so the honors go to Ducchesse, with a force of about 3000 strong. Meanwhile a smaller force under Kollowrat crosss the mountains towards Chemnitz. I hope he isnt on a collision course with Heinrich - he would surely get the worst of that...
In Silesia the Prussians send the Schlesian Army under Kurt to the south. He arrived in Gleiwitz, and surprised my cavalry there. They had orders to retreat, but didn't - they got wiped out. My troops at Katowice made a breach, but are in no position to assault the town. They will retreat to Troppau, while the force in Troppau will advance to Kosel. We will see what Kurt will do then...
The Garrison of Memel surrendered to the Russians. More units arrived from Kurland, and the main push to Koeningsberg is on. Cossacks swarm out over eastern Prussia to get military control over as much terrain as possible.
Around Strallsund the Swedish are mainly stuck. The troops that can move will try to engage the enemy at Wismar.
The coming turns might get bloody. I hope to do as much damage as I get, and to keep Squarian running form one problem to the other...though I still have to see if I can actually make problems for him :) .
No units are bought, I have no money.

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It is interesting, but it is also unfortunate that AGEOD's games don't allow "easy screenshoot" (unlike Paradox games). It means you have to "Save Screen", then open an image treatment programme, which is a bit boring when you want to do 5 SC a turn.

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I have been thinking about screen shots... never did it, and it is a bit to much work. If more people like it I might give it a try. I liked the style in the AACW AAR Banks did.

Turn 24, early August 1757
The main event this turn was of course the push of Ducchesse to the north, direction Dresden. I intended him to advance one region, and engage the Prussian forces in Dippoldiswalde. Ducchesse catched them while they were trying to retreat. A short battle ensued, where the 35.000 men under Ducchesse (4-3-3) engaged the 18.000 men under von Braunsweig-Bevern (3-2-3). Losses were minimal, 300 men on our side, 250 on their side. The Prussian forces retreated. Ducchesse was so encouraged by this result that he followed. (I think that I had dropped his troops on the enemy stack insted of on the region - not my intention). In Pirna another battle was fought. This time we lost 500 men, and the enemy lost 700. The Prussian force retreated again, now to Dresden. Ducchesse followed... At Dresden the Prussians made a stand. The Austrian majority in numbers was too much for them though, and they retreated again, after losing 3200 men, against 1600 men lost on the Austrian side. Ducchesse ended up laying siege to Dresden. The only strange thing is that the Prussian troops retreated south after the last battle, to Pirna..... So now we have (Prussian) Heinrich near Leipzig, Ducchesse east of him at Dresden, (Prussian) Bevern south of this at Pirna, and Picolomini south of that... I expect Heinrich to attack towards Dresden, and I will order Picolomini to attack to Pirna. Supply for Ducchesse, who will sit tight, will be send in by boat.
To the west not much happened - the Prussians took Erfurt back, and I took Fulda. Those towns will be severly damaged by now... The British arrived at Munster, but no battles were fought. We will see if Frederic stays here, or moves back to Dresden.
At the Swedish front nothing happened either. Prussian and Swedish forces occupied the same region for a short time, but they didn't come to blows.
More Russians arrived. I keep flooding the regions with Cossacks - till west of Danzig by now. The main force still has to arrive at Koeningsberg.
At Silesia Kurt and his army went to Katowice. My infantry managed to get out in time, but my cavalry (on evade I thought?) engaged, and got wiped out. This is the second cavalry force that got wiped out by Kurt... and he has 4 infantry brigades, with no cavalry support, as far as I can see... I arrived at Kosel with my main force. The other forces are either concentrating at Troppau, or - in case of the light cavalry - cutting of Prussian supply. We will see where Kurt goes next.

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As I am once again running behind, here is the next turn:

Turn 25, Late August 1757
It is time to start thinking about wrapping up the campaigning for this season.....
The Russians want to take Koeningsberg before winter sets in, and get military control of all east Prussia. Advancing to Danzig with anything else than Cossacks would be folly. Next year maybe... This turn the army arrived at Koeningsberg, and took over the siege. Just one modifier for now, siege expert and guns are en route.
The Swedish - well, they might want something, but they dont have the troops or the leaders to get it. I retook Wismar for a day this turn, but was kicked out by a sizable force of Prussians. Their strength is about 800. I can muster two forces of about 600. When I combine them they are 800 strong (due to command penalties) - but they havent been active together yet. I'll hang on to Strallsund and - hopefully- Rostck, and will try to get some leaders here next year.
In the west I would be happy with the status quo. The Prussians near Munster moved this turn, and chased me from Munster. My cavalry took (the unfortified) Paderborn. It will be hard to stop this Prussian force from taking Dortmund (also unfortified, and defended with a force of about 1200, while the enemy has about 3000 power here). and Wesel.
Frederic himself pressed south from Kassel, and engaged my dug in troops at Alsfeld. I had a total of 66.000 men and 160 guns under Friederich Zweibrucken (3-1-2). Frederic (6-4-3) arrived with 51.000 men and 320 guns. The battle raged for the full 6 rounds, and though it was called a victory for the Empire, as Frederic failed to dislodge us, it was a draw when you consider the losses. We lost 4900 men, Frederic 5300.
As the forces were so close in balance, Frederic made another try after a fresh column arrived. This time the troops under Zweibrucken numbered 62.000, with 180 guns. Frederic had 64.500 men, with 400 guns. As Frederic, once again, failed to dislodge us in a full six round battle, it was considered another victory for us. This time our losses were slightly higher (5500 men on our side, against 5300 on their side).
Some final skirmishes resulted when the Prussian army retreated. We lost an additional 1400 men, against 1500 men on their side. All troops more or less ended up where they started the battles....
The results suit me. I am content to winter where I am, in Alsfeld (need to build a depot though). And the equal losses will wear down the Prussians faster then they wear down me..
Near Austria Heinrich pushed south towards Chemnitz, instead of trying to relieve Dresden. This surprised me.... He dislodged Kollowrat from Chemnitz. I will need to set up a blocking force south of Chemnitz.
As a result of the move south by Heinrich, Ducchesse at Dresden was not attacked. He made good use of the rest to make a breach in the walls. I could now assault Dresden, if Ducchesse was active... He isn't of course.
Picolomini advanced to Pirna, as ordered, and engaged von Bevern there. The conclusion was foregone, Picolomini (4-3-4) had 26.000 men, and von Bevern (4-2-4) only 13.000, which had fought 3 times the previous turn. In a 2 round battle we lost both about 1000 men. Both forces ended up in the region - unclear where von Bevern is going. I order Daun to Dippoldiswalde, he can set up a depot there. I will try to winter in Dresden, if I can pull the supply there. Maybe I can have some fun at Leipzig before the snow stops all travel.
In the east it seems the Prussians send their whole force to Silesia. Kurt von Schwerin pushed west from Katowice, direction Troppau. And Moritz showed up north of Gleiwitz with a force of about 750 power. I order the major part of my force at Kosel back to Troppau. And I keep trying to cut their supply. I have the interior line here, as long as I keep Troppau. With a bit of luck the Prussian forces need to retreat or starve in Silesia during winter.
I buy some replacements for the Empire troops. I would love to buy a Swiss force of mercenaries, that is available in France, but I don't have the money not the EP.

All considered a very good turn. Frederics failed attack puts an end to his short term plans around Kassel. My succes at Dresden forces him to go back to that area. I advanced on several fronts, caused about equal losses as I suffered, and didn't loss a lot of NM.

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