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3rd Round Jim-NC vs. Rafiki

Mon Aug 17, 2009 3:12 am

Well hello again sports fans, time for another installment of virtual blood and death. I will be facing off against the ever popular Rafiki, in a duel to the death in the West scenario. It's now late Feb 1862, and snow and mud abound. I will be posting my side of the action, and my guesses as to his moves/intentions. Redeemer is our host for this round, and I would like to thank him in advance for assisting us in the endeavor. :) My goal from this round is to not be the low man on the list - I was 15th in round 2, and don't want to be 8th. I need to earn at least 80-100 points more than Johnnycai or Redeemer (a very tough proposition I know), so I won't have such a tough time of it next round (I admit it, I am scared to face Manstein - especially after seeing his results from the 1st tournament).

I will be posting shots later, but a preview of the 1st round. Not a lot of movement, but a huge re-organization (I must admit, that I hate penalties for my units). For example, some units start the scenario with a 35% penalty (ugh!). As there is snow and mud, I don't want to risk the cohesion loss from too much movement.

Stay tuned for more carnage.
Remember - The beatings will continue until morale improves.

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