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Posted: Wed Jul 28, 2010 9:41 am
by Baris
No it looks quite right and logical. if combat system is putting on top the number of elements(not the elements strenght)in deciding front line, then we must either merge depleted elements also or we forget the system of elements and we work with soldier count. but it is necessity to merge the elements in this case.(as already replacement sysyem was designed like that)both against ai or pbem it can produce more realistic results after battles.
Sieges i agree that more casualties can happen for defender when many negative factors is present. but as defender couldnt merge depleted elements than like domino it effected more damage so lost 90 units as they are also trapped in structure. it would be better for us to see which elements fight with which element in battle report.

Posted: Wed Jul 28, 2010 3:45 pm
by squarian
While it would be a lovely addition to the AGE system, I doubt we will see a "merge element" button anytime soon, alas. I suppose the only way to game this frontage issue is to fiddle with your organization prior to battle - shuffle depleted bns out of the line bdes.

I wonder if the selection of units to form the front line - i.e. the ones first chosen to fight on the allowed frontage - follows any kind of logic one could use to "shelter" low-strength units. e.g. if high-initiative commanders are preferred by the system, you park your wounded units with dud leaders to keep them out of the firing line?

Probably written up here somewhere - if I could only find it.

Posted: Wed Jul 28, 2010 7:21 pm
by Baris
I remember as i read somewhere for example army outliner was also in europa universalis 3 and it is adopted to Rise of Prussia. or on that game there was also a merge units button maybe this can be also adopted in the element level(they are different games but..) in that game this was preventing armies to reinforce(if there is low manpower it was very useful) and making them more powerful, at least in rise of prussia we can have more control about where we can receive replacements.bacause heavily losing battles can cost alot of national moral

Posted: Wed Jul 28, 2010 9:23 pm
by enf91
AFAIK, in AGE games other than AACW, the only way for elements to reinforce is for them to stay put in a region with their stack fully supplied. Then, you just wait awhile. Basically, the two of you have to declare a truce for a few turns while you recover.

Posted: Thu Jul 29, 2010 10:27 am
by Bertram
A few turns would be no problem, winter is coming anyway :)

But with about 130 (elite) elements of 17-34 men, I need 13.000+ men to fill them. I get 360 elite soldiers every other turn and a number of them as "free" replacements in the spring... Say 4.000/year (and that is rather optimistic). So I would need 3 years to fill them out... and that is not counting events like poor sanitation, Typhus or the regular attrition. I don't mind waiting that long, I am ahead in VP, but Squarian might want to try something before the game is over :D

Posted: Thu Jul 29, 2010 2:05 pm
by Bertram
Early September, turn 73
The fight in Stettin didn't go as planned - my men were thrown back. The enemy managed to get a second breach there, and will take it next turn.
At Torgau the enemy repaired the breach. Unsporting.
I assault Chemnitz, and take it (it is unfortified). It appears I forgot to assault Leipzig last turn - I will do it next turn.
My main army, with two columns, arrive at Merseburg (the region between Halle and Leipzig). The Austrian army is still waiting at Naumburg, one region to the south-west.
According to my intel, the enemy (under Daun) has an army and 5 columns. Power 2000, 2000, 1800, 1700, 1700 and 1300. My army and columns are 2500, 1700 and 1800 strong - we will need to trust the Prussian firepower and discipline again.
I will not attack - if we stay where we are winter will hit the enemy harder than me.
I buy an Ulan cavalry unit (I had some trouble finding where it could be build. A nice feature would be if you could double click the unit you wanted to build, and the map would move to the next possible build location).

Late September, turn 74
The big battle I expected hasn't materialized yet. The enemy is recovering men and cohesion (the columns now are 2200, 2000, 2000, 1800 and 1300 strong). Meanwhile my elite column is hit by Typhus. Its power goes down from 1400 to 200, about 4000 men die - and all elite soldiers. So now all my elements are back to 17 men, the recruiting of elite soldiers I have done last year was in vain. 131 elite soldier elements that can go guard the bars in Berlin - what a waste. I actually look if disbanding the units is an option, so the elite replacements at least get a bit more concentrated at some units, instead of being spread over the 100+ elements, but disbanding half of the units (about 2000 soldiers)gets me a 100 NM penalty and a 7500 VP penalty, enough for a immediate surrender.
I reorganize my army. Heinrich gets the command of a new army, and Fredric moves to Berlin, to help Wilhelm with the Russians. (Wilhelm is a 4-0-1 leader, Frederic is 6-5-4 and Heinrich is 6-5-6. Heinrich also has the best traits of all my commanders). Wilhelm had more seniority, so I lose 300 VP and 2 NM.
I do make a breach at Torgau, and do recapture Leipzig. Some Highlanders arrive, after a victory in America (they are light infantry here - in the American theatre they are regular infantry?)
I have no manpower, so no units are bought.

Posted: Thu Jul 29, 2010 3:14 pm
by Ebbingford
...they are light infantry here - in the American theatre they are regular infantry?..

See this :)

Posted: Thu Jul 29, 2010 5:17 pm
by Bertram
Cattle raiding eh? I'll try to find some fine french cows for them to raid... Or maybe those purple mountain cows you see on TV.

Posted: Fri Jul 30, 2010 8:37 am
by Bertram
Early October, turn 75
No second breach in Torgau yet. An enemy column arrives at Halle, my men give way. Due to the Typhus they can't fight.
I order a column to retake it.
Frederic arrives in Berlin, to take command of the northern army, and retake Stettin, if possible.
The French are trying to make a run around my flank, arriving in Munster by way of Dusseldorf (which they are sieging) and Dortmund. My field troops have to retreat, my garrison will have to keep them out.

Late October, turn 76
Things don't turn out as I planned them... as usual :) .
The Austrian main army also decided to go move Halle. There is a brief clash of the armies there. At start one column of both sides engage, and I have a majority, but soon the rest of the troops join on both sides. The Austrians still have about 110.000 men - against my 50.000. My men retreat. I do more damage then I receive (I lose 6500 men, the enemy 7500 I believe), but the result is an Austrian victory. Fair enough - they are in possession of the field, and take the depot at Halle. It costs me 2 NM.
At Torgau I make a second breach - my troops assault the structure. Unfortunately the enemy is still motivated, they throw us back. One of the strange things in ROP (and all Age engines) is that your troops after losing an assault are required to retreat a region. This means all breaches are magically repaired, and you can start over... In this case it is to my advantage though, as later in the turn a larger Austrian force arrives. Had my troops still been there, then they would have been destroyed...
Frederic encounters some Cossacks immediately after leaving Berlin. He destroys the enemy (one NM gained), but stops to recover. I decide to keep him in Berlin. Stettin will have to wait till next campaign season.
In the west there is still that French army sieging Munster. I decide to send some cavalry to try to cut their supply.
In Saxony I am forced to make some decisions. At the moment we cut each other from supply. The Austrians have Halle and Torgau, I have Dresden and Leipzig. If we had equal forces I would have been tempted to keep it this way. I think my supply situation is better. As it is I fear that the Austrians can get Leipzig as well, leaving me stranded in Dresden. So I decide to retreat to Magdenburg, in essence falling back to the positions we had in spring. I cannot order my main army to march directly to Magdenburg though, the Austrian main army might be in the way. So I order my main army to Torgau. Leipzig is given up. A cavalry detachment is ordered to Erfurt, to cut some supply. Keiths army is ordered to fall back to Dresden - I might give it up next turn and pull all my troops back north. I expect snow next turn - we will see what happens.
No replacements this turn...

Posted: Fri Jul 30, 2010 2:29 pm
by kosmoface
Snow. As a Prussian you have to love the winter and eagerly await Mr.Frost, but be careful. In my first game I always expected winter in late October, but sometimes it only came in December. Or the winter was extraordinarily mild and it snowed only in parts of the country.

On the other hand winters can be very hard and long. In and around Prague I had one time as a Prussian conquered 3 cities and 2 armies starved to death, because the winter was so hard and long and the cities couldn't feed them.

Posted: Sat Jul 31, 2010 11:13 am
by Bertram
Yes.. if only the snow would hit those Austrians, and spare my Prusians :) .
It is so very tempting to do one more move, or keep that siege going for one more turn. And then you have 127 hits from bad weather - which is more then you win by the move or the siege...
In truth, the winters are a blessing for the Prussians. They have the terrain, the Austrians need to take it. The longer the troops are inactive, the better it is for the Prussian.

Early November, turn 77
Snow on the ground - once again in early November. Rather early I think... not that I am complaining :D .
My cavalrist detachment reaches Erfurt, where they lose a battle. None the less, they are in possession of the town, even if it cost me a morale. Nice cut off of supplies. My men are ordered to retreat.
The Austrian troops pressing north to Dresden went to Chemnitz this time - I decide to let Kurt hang on a turn longer in Dresden. He can always retreat the way he came, to the east across the river.
Lucchesse's Austrian column went from Torgau to the north. He will arrive in Magdeburg shortly. I order the (depleted, elite) units there to retreat to Brandenburg. My army reaches Torgau unhindered, and meets there with an enemy column of 4000 men. They are slow to retreat and lose 2600 men, 16 infantry units. I gain 8 (!) morale... I decide to stay at Torgau for a turn, as I need to recover cohesion. There is a single breach there, with a bit of luck I can take it next turn.
In the west the enemy retreats from Munster. On his way he mauls Gerd von Brunck and his men - they were locked in Lipstad. The cavalry I send to cut off the enemy supply can go back...
I buy another light cavalry unit, I need to get the Cossacks under control.

Posted: Sat Jul 31, 2010 1:12 pm
by kosmoface
Bertram wrote:Yes.. if only the snow would hit those Austrians, and spare my Prusians :) .
It is so very tempting to do one more move, or keep that siege going for one more turn. And then you have 127 hits from bad weather - which is more then you win by the move or the siege...

Exactly. In fact it lead me to speculate and risk too much, I won't do this anymore. Too many losses. :(

I hope you two keep going to the end with this "AAR of sorts". :thumbsup:

Posted: Sat Jul 31, 2010 4:19 pm
by Andy2
nice AAR.

Posted: Sun Aug 01, 2010 10:37 am
by Bertram
Thank you (both) for the encouragement. The AAR is taking more time than I thought it would - and is getting much longer too (I type it in word, and am now at 26 pages....). And we are only at turn 80 of 170... :wacko:

Late November, turn 78
Not sure whether this was a good turn or a bad turn. It is a bloody turn, that is for sure.
It starts at Torgau. I make my second breach, and my men assault the town. The troops that escaped the battle there last turn took refuge inside, and are disposed of. The enemy losses 500 men, and I capture a supply unit and the town artillery. I lose 200 men, and gain 4 NM.
The enemy takes back Chemnitz and Erfurt.
Then Daun, with his 100.000 friends, arrive in Torgau - it seems he was more in a hurry then I thought. A major battle ensues, though it lasts only 3 rounds before my men retreat.
The first round sees 38 units engaged on both sides, consisting of 283 elements on my side, and 211 elements on the enemy side.
(I have to correct my earlier battle descriptions, I thought it was the number of elements engaged out of the total that was displayed, but it is the number of units, with the number of elements in parentesis behind).
This time no advantage for the defender, except a bit larger units... and the better Prussian leadership of course. We inflict 270 hits, and suffer 101. Driessen's Brigade (Cuirassiers) is to be recommended, they inflicted 45 hits!! (and suffered 0).
The second round sees the same 38 units (now 281 elements) on my side, and 49 units on the enemy side. Fortunately they consist of only 216 elements. We inflict 239 hits, and suffer 149. Driessen's Brigade once again does 35 hits, without suffering one themself. The most regular infantry brigades inflict 10-15 hits.
The third round sees once again 38 units on my side (281 elements) against 38 enemy units (191 elements). We inflict 290 hits, and suffer 56. Driessen his men once again inflict 31 hits, destroying at least one enemy element. Robert Scipio Lentulus' Brigade (nice name btw, you can't be anything but a war hero when named like that) (Dragoons and Cuirsassiers) also inflicts 21 hits. Several other infantry brigades also inflict 15-19 hits, without suffering much.
Still, the numbers tell. My men are forced to leave the field. In the retreat one of my brave Cuirassier elements is destroyed, no doubt while heroically covering the retreat.
In the end our 50.000 men (under Heinrich, 5-4-6) fight 100.000 Austrians (under Daun, 4-4-6). We lose 7300 men, 16 units, of which 10 cavalry. The enemy loses 17.000 men, 28 units, of which one cavalry. We get 7 NM points....
Torgau itself is now defended by the town artillery and that captured supply unit.... And there was no time to repair the walls, there are still 2 breaches in them. So the Austrians will get Torgau next turn. Which means we are right back where we started last year, in this theatre. Though elsewhere the French took Kassel, and the Russians took Stettin. This is balanced by the number of NM and VP points I got, and the men lost on the Austrian side.
NM is 132 vs. 63, VP 3665 vs. 1951, men lost 127.000 vs 180.000. I lost some NM (4) and VP (500) due to promotions out of seniority order.

Due to the losses and the prisoners I got "plenty" of manpower, I can buy one regular and two grenadier replacement units!

To make matters worse for the poor Austrians (hehe) news comes that there was a battle in the Quiberon bay. Our friends whipped their friends. We are much enjoyed (+ 5 NM), the Austrians are very down (-10 NM).

Posted: Mon Aug 02, 2010 8:31 am
by Bertram
Early December, turn 79
Not much happens, but a lot goes wrong.... The enemy takes Torgau, as expected. My cavalry unit in Weimar refuses to move, for unknown reasons. This is the second turn in a row, and they are not locked or inactive. They lose 9 (cavalry) elements due to lack of supply. I order them once again to move to the supply - I guess they won't till they are all death...
Some of my roving cavalry takes Karlstad. They might winter there.
There are some riots in Dublin, I lose 5 NM.
To balance the game, I lose 5 NM.
Due to war exhaustion I lose 1 NM.
Due to poor sanitation I lose 2000 men. This wouldn't be so bad if men in the army it hit (my main army under Heinrich) were not trained to elite soldier status. As it is I will never recover them... I wish I could keep my men at trained soldier status, that way I could keep an army of them, instead of just 17 men large regiments.
I made a miscalculation. I wanted to retreat Keith from Dresden across the Elbe. Due to the heavy rain this is not possible (well, it will take 29 days to cross). I don't want Keith to stay in Dresden either, he would be cut off and destroyed by the Austrians. So I decide to let him go to Leipzig. He can reach that in one turn - and hopefully assault it. After that he can go for Halle, and then home to Magdenburg - I have little hope he will actually make that, but it is better than waiting in Dresden till the 100.000 Austrians are recovered enough to flatten them...
No manpower (just 25, not enough for any reinforcements).
Austrian morale is up to 68, mine is down to 120.

Posted: Mon Aug 02, 2010 12:43 pm
by Baris
Bertram wrote:Early December, turn 79

There are some riots in Dublin, I lose 5 NM.
To balance the game, I lose 5 NM.
Due to war exhaustion I lose 1 NM.

Austrian morale is up to 68, mine is down to 120.

maybe instead of default values of NM reduction by events,it can be calculated due to victory points accumulated by players in battles taking place in Europe.i dont know in history which front was more important (in america,india or europe) but as Prussia and austria was behind the main reason of war then instead of 5 it can be 2 or less or more depends on performance on battles and ownership of strategic cities.

Posted: Mon Aug 02, 2010 4:54 pm
by Bertram
The external battles reflect the fates of Brittain and France. The better the British did elsewhere, the more men and money they could send to Prussia. The French on the other hand mostly lost interest in the battle in Germany, when their empire overseas crumbled away. The losses put them into a recession, and the war in Germany got less popular. It does put a pressure on the Austrians to perform, and win the war before everybody on thier side goes home.
It certainly does add a dimension, which I think it should be stessed better in the scenario briefing. The losses to the Austrian morale due to external losses by their allies, coupled with the war weariness (which now is one point of NM each 3 turns), and (a few turns on in this AAR) the raise of the sudden loss Morale level (+1 each turn!) forces them to reconsider their pace of advance - forcing them to take some risks...
You could argue though, that it is realistic that the Austrians halfway the war suddenly realize that popular and foreign suport for their war is falling, and they need to adjust their strategy. I think some contempory US presidents would recognize the feeling...

Late December, turn 80
Another quiet turn. The French finally take Dusseldorf. Still no breaches, but they managed to wear the garrison down (by placing a few hits on them each turn). .
I make a breach at Schwed - I hope to solve the siege there quickly, as there is snow now also.
My troops at Weimar don't move and disappear.
Kurt arrives in Leipzig - I wonder if this was a smart move. He has no time to engage, as he arrives on the last day of the turn. We will see what the enemy does... I need to fight the troops here- it will be a close thing. There is no alternative, as all regions to the north are blocked.
I buy a replacement btn.

Posted: Mon Aug 02, 2010 5:56 pm
by Baris
no i totally agree, it is essential to have foreign factors involve as NM reduction for both alliances.(as a results of failures or historical facts) it is a game that tries to reflect history to a certain degree. in both alliances there many nations involved in conflict at that time. but there is only single NM value for each alliances. so when there is failure in british front(it is scripted mostly i guess no choices for player),even prussian side in europe is succesfull it can result the same NM reduction after event as there is no seperate NM for Prussia.after reading my previous post it didnt make any sense to me :bonk: game is forcing to historical outcome of course. Late game should be very interesting as 1 NM a turn, yes the scenerio briefing must be more informative about what happaned.thanks :)

Posted: Mon Aug 02, 2010 6:12 pm
by kosmoface
I don't know how and where I've read it - but it was never unclear to me why my NM was reduced.

Posted: Tue Aug 03, 2010 12:30 am
by Baris
kosmoface wrote:I don't know how and where I've read it - but it was never unclear to me why my NM was reduced.

good... :thumbsup: maybe in game message log you have read :siffle:

Posted: Tue Aug 03, 2010 2:14 am
by kosmoface
baris30 wrote:good... :thumbsup: maybe in game message log you have read :siffle:

Until my game crashed I didn't even know there was one. Maybe the German version of the game tells me more? :confused:

Posted: Wed Aug 04, 2010 8:49 am
by Bertram
Now that we know that the NM is lowered, and the threshold for sudden loss for the Austrian is raised - has anyone an idea what the threshold was to start with? We looked for it, but could not find it (the manual states that the tooltop should reveal it, but the tooltip on the military screen refers to the ledger, F5, and the tooltip there is silent).

Oh, and can someone remove that handbag from the forum?

Early January, turn 81
I make a second breach at Schwedt, and take the town. My army suffers 127 damage due to the bad weather... one wonders if it was worth it. I get 3 NM for the taking of the town.
Kurt suffers 209 damage before he can engage the enemy (bad weather again). The battle in Leipzig is lost. Ducchesse is there, with his column - that man sure gets around. I lose 3500 men of the 15.000, the enemy 2200 of the 28.000. My men retreat to the east - I will try to let them escape to the north. I lose 2 NM.
British subsidies get me +3 NM. War weariness costs us both -1NM (now every 3 turns!). I get +1 VP every turn now, for hanging on this long.
Morale is 123 vs 77 - Austria is back to "normal" after the 63 low. VP are 3776 vs. 1989.

I can buy 1 regular and 2 grenadier btn. I also spend 10 engagement points on a British regiment. (I have 112 EP, so I can afford it...). (it tells you "regiment" in the ledger when you can buy it, but it is actually a brigade in game terms, with 3 regiments and an artillery unit, complete with commanding officer).

Because all factions on one side have one pool of manpower (and other resources) I keep building Prussian replacements. There is no reason to buy or build anything else, till I run out of Prussian units to build. This goes a bit against the flavor of the game...

Posted: Thu Aug 05, 2010 8:50 am
by Bertram
Late January, turn 82
Kurt manages to flee north, though his army gets 89 damage to bad weather. The snow is mostly gone now, it is raining... I hope he will make it to Magdenburg.
My Hanoverian cavalry detachment takes Dortmund back.
We get news that there was a battle at Wandiwash, which the British won. Reaction is a bit muted, as we have never heard of the place (-1 NM for Austria, + 5 VP for Prussia).
There is a bout of Typhus at Magdenburg, that kills about 3500 men.
I recruit 510 men by way of a regular replacement - that is, one regular replacement unit.
Squarian reports that he got a system message that the morale threshold for a instant loss will go up 1 for him each turn from now on. We can't find what this number was to begin with (40???), but as he went from 63 morale to 81, he should be good for some months yet...Still it puts the pressure on him to advance - as soon as the weather gets better.

Posted: Thu Aug 05, 2010 3:13 pm
by squarian
Dear Diary,

Spring in the air here in the Wienerwald. Hunting rather fine lately. Stamp and coin collection coming along nicely this year. Have my eye on a new place, Schloss Essling, which I think I can persuade Prince Kinsky to part with for a reasonable sum. Correspondence with Rome proceeds quietly but surely; MT and I have managed to move little Max Franz to the top of the list for Cologne, but he'll have to grow a bit first - I'm told the absolute minimum age for ordination these days is five, even for Habsburgs.

Oh, and the bothersome war refuses to be won. Despite everything, le vieux bougre de Brandenbourg is still holding out, still playing soldiers, and still beating our generals hands down. Merde.

Not that our boys and the French didn't fight - like demons, I'm told, in the battles in Saxony and Hesse-Kassel last year. But such heavy casualties! And it seems even Daun can't defeat the damned Hohenzollerns, even when he brings twice the numbers to the field.

Still, the Swedes and Russians did manage to take Stettin, which is something. The two electorates of Hesse-Kassel and Saxony are finally in our hands - so if I fall off my perch one of these days, we ought at least to have the votes to ensure Josef's election. And the Brandenburg bear is pretty well caged - we may not be able to beat him, but he won't beat us either. We'll probably have to negotiate before too long - Russian Elizabeth isn't well, I'm told, and La Pompadour is beginning to make those sickly squeaking noises to our man in Paris, which always means she's trying to wiggle out of her bargains. But as long as we can hold the coalition together, we'll keep that disgusting old tart bottled up in Berlin.

Ah well, off to visit my little Neipperg girl - such a comfort to me in my old age.

FS Imp Aug

Posted: Fri Aug 06, 2010 12:04 am
by Baris
Excellent dear Squarian, as it is obvious it is not written for Femme fatale, rather innocent Neipperg girl but a very good poetic AAR, thanks :hat:

Posted: Fri Aug 06, 2010 12:58 pm
by Bertram
Early February, turn 83
Kurt and his men are blocked by some enemy troops, it seems (I haven't seen any), so he stops halfway. I hope they make it to Magdenburg next turn.
The Austrians take Dresden - which was to be expected.
They also send a force to retake Dortmund, but they are repulsed - much to Squarians chagrin. He has a point:- he has a mixed force of 4000 infantry 11 elements) and cavalry (19), I had 6000 men cavalry (32) and artillery (4) (the remaining 4 are supply) .
We fight 2 rounds, 4 of my units (3 brigades, one supply, 33 elements)) against 3 of his (3 brigades, 31 elements). Hits inflicted in the first round are 27 vs 20, second round 20 vs 15. He loses 2 infantry elements.... Mainly because his infantry brigade suffered all the (47) hits. On my side the hits are more evenly distributed. It seems the cavalry is less easy to hit. That works ok, as long as there is a large force of infantry. With a mix in which the infantry is in minority, those infantry will suffer disproportionately. This would still be ok, when the opponent had also infantry. But in this case, when I have mostly cavalry (or almost only cavalry- the artillery is the fortress artillery I just captured), seeing the infantry absorb all hits is a bit strange.
No manpower for replacements.

Late February, turn 84
Kurt and his men have finally made it to Magdenburg. I absorb Kurt his army into the Koniglische Arme. Kurt himself, with his cadre, is send to Berlin, to play soldier there with the garrison.
There is snow everywhere, so little is done.
We get another -1 NM due to war exhaustion., the score is now 116 - 81.
I can buy two Grenadier depot btn.

Posted: Mon Aug 09, 2010 8:13 am
by Bertram
It is winter, pretty cold and quiet....

Early March, turn 85
The Austrian allies do something remarkable - they raid Ireland. The Austrians get +2 NM, I lose 2 NM. On the other hand I get +1 NM due to British subsidies.
I lose another 3000 men to Typhus.
No replacements are bought, though I get regular Prussian replacements and artillery replacements through the ledger.

Late March, turn 86
Nothing of note happens.
I do buy a regular grenadier regiment.... all my replacements are used.

Posted: Mon Aug 09, 2010 8:15 am
by Bertram
Might as well post the beginning of the new fighting season...

Early April, turn 87
The snow is gone, it is the start of a new fighting season.
In the East I have Frederic, contemplating taking Stettin back. I order him that way - though it is not sure if he has enough troops. I also order the newly arrived British brigade to harras the Swedish for the other side.
The French are on the move again. I am afraid Granby and his men are not enough to keep them from Hanover, so I need to send Ferdinand back to support Granby. I had hoped to have Ferdinand join with Heinrich - to even the odds a bit in Saxony.
Heinrich is mainly back to strength, with an army and 2 columns of 2100 power. He can always use more men, but he should have a chance against the Austrians.
Plans for this season - see if the Russians and Swedish in Pomerania can be pushed back a bit, and hold the French and Austrians off.....
I buy a Grenadier depot btn. I now have 6 elite replacements, and 3 grenadier depot btn building - I hope Wedell his column will finally get some men back.... he has been sitting in Brandenburg with 9 brigades, 5 of them only 30-40 power strong.

Late April, turn 88
Frederic was short some troops to take Stettin,. The enemy has about 33.000 men there, Frederic had 15.000. He lost the battle, losing 1600 against 1500 men. Not too bad, but he won't be able to take Stettin.
Wismar surrendered to the Swedish without firing a shot - I have to have a discussion with my commander there. I send the British brigade to Wismar to correct things.
Daun marched north from Torgau in the direction of Brandenburg. I decide to send my main army to Halle. That way I will cut Daun off, rather than fighting him direct. Wedelll will retreat to Berlin, to be joined by Frederic there.

Posted: Tue Aug 10, 2010 10:45 am
by Bertram
Early May, turn 89
There are 88 turns remaining, we are halfway the game!!!
The French are once again pressing us in the west. This time they move along the Rhine, taking Wesel and Dortmund. Both towns fall this turn. A French force arrives at Munster and lays siege. And the French Army under the duke of Orleans is marching north from Kassel. It looks like they finally have their act together, and are becoming a serious problem.
In the north the British are repulsed by the Swedish. In a fairly even battle (both sides 4000 men, both sides a 3-1-1 leader, and 400 vs 325 caualties) the Swedish keep possession of the region Wismar. We will try again...
Frederic will retreat to Berlin next turn.
My main army marches on Halle. The Austrians retreat. I order the army on to Leipzig. From there they will either go to Torgau or Dresden. The enemy army is still in the region east of Torgau, on the right bank of the Elbe. No idea if they are locked, or if their stay there is planned.
Wedell finally got some power back in his troops - he is now at 1000 power, 8700 men. some of his brigades are combat ready, though some are still seriously depleted.

Posted: Tue Aug 10, 2010 2:58 pm
by kosmoface
Bertram wrote:Early May, turn 89
There are 88 turns remaining, we are halfway the game!!!

Congratulations! :)