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Prussian setup anomalies

Thu Jul 16, 2020 11:09 am

In the Prussian setup of the 2-player grand campaign there are some anomalies in the command structure.

In two corpses - Links Kolumn in Bautzen and Markgraf Karl Korps in Dresden - the Korps commander also acts as Division commander, while a free junior 2-star general is present in both corpses.

I have some basic questions that were triggered by this strange command configuration:

- is this as designed?

- is there a disadvantage to the corps commander being a divisional commander at the same time. like losing bonuses?
If no, why isn't this used all the time to save on divisional commanders, if yes, why is it applied here?

- is there a disadvantage of keeping regiments out of divisions and having them in the corps separately, when there are enough command points available in the corps stack, like less effective fighting?

And an entirely different question:

- Why is the corps led by Wilhelm von Preussen called Markgraf Karl Korps?

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Re: Prussian setup anomalies

Thu Jul 16, 2020 11:21 pm

Hi watchvn94 and welcome to the forum.

With all AGEOD games, the set up is historical without conforming to the game's normal demands. You have probably found that if you remove the units directly subordinate to the corps commander, they cannot be reattached. So it is an anomaly tied mostly to recreation of an accurate Order of Battle.
There is really no disadvantage, except the leader is not counted as both a corps commander and a 'divisional' commander. The reason this is not used all the time is the game design limit in creating corps and forming 'divisions.'

The disadvantage of not putting regiments in divisions is in battle, they do not fight as well.

I had wondered why Wilhelm von Preussen corps is called Markgraf Karl Korps? (I am enough of a fan of Lewis Carroll to steal his intent as to why we call things as we do.) The answer is very much the same as the first, it reflects the order of battle. Wilheim, was Markgraf of Karl, so the division is nominally of that name, which is booted up to naming of the corps.

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Re: Prussian setup anomalies

Fri Jul 17, 2020 3:27 pm

Right or wrong, was this way since RoP 1.0.

It is all about seniority, a lesser number means Prince Wilhelm is above Markgraf Karl in the ranking, and the game puts him in command.

Just checked, and historically Markgraf Karl Korps was commanded by himself, and the little brother of the King was not there. ... _August_26

He will only appear after the defeat in the battle of Kolin. ... st_Wilhelm

As you may see, there is a wealth of information in this site dedicated to the 7YW!

You may send him with his brother the king, like Narwhal did in his AAR, that is highly recommended if you are new to the game. ... rs.513080/

Anyway you may rename any stack with Alt-Click.


Note the plural of corps (army) is also corps ;)

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