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Over-industrialization and some other Qs

Fri Jun 07, 2024 10:44 pm

Hi all!

Playing as Prussia, I am currently at the turn 160, in the middle of 1856. Apart from the very beginning, I have always had a steady income of Capital, so I industrialized a lot to the extent that I only have 10~industrial sites left to build. But now I almost close half of my production to avoid wastage. There is no demand for coal, steal, mechanical parts whatsoever, I only sell luxury goods, mfg goods and ammunition in a continuous basis. Not that there is a problem, there is still capital income, but where should I spend my 6k capital? It already seems to me that I over-industrialized. But considering that colonial expansion is not an option for Prussia before unification, what should I have done with my income anyway?

Another one. I have mastered the technology of a new rifle type a couple of turns ago, and my unit builds have changed. Yet, my field troops do not start the upgrade process. I read that there should be a demand for replacement chits, but there are none. All my forces are sitting well supplied on regions with cities, some of them stay inside as well. Edit: I do no know if it is a pure coincidence or not, but after I ordered to convert supplies to field supplies, my entire army was upgraded,, and there was no need of replacement chits. Perhaps something has changed with the patches.

Yet another one. Austria declaring war to her minor neighbors, and occupying them for a long time. I guess she cannot annex because I play with historical claims option. So will there be endless wars, or do AI at some point make them puppet or something?

Is there a proper way of using Barth Expedition? I just spam expeditions the location where he started, in order to gain some PPs.

Oh and most important: Why can't I upload screenshots here? I can attach them in sub-forums.

That's all for now, thanks in advance!

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