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New Player Questions

Tue Apr 18, 2017 6:00 pm

Hoping that Random is still around or some of the other veterans are still around. These are a ton of questions but I'm hoping to avoid a lot of pain for myself in trying to play this.

I actually bought this several years ago but found the constant crashes immensely frustrating. But I am getting the WW1 urge again, and after looking around, it seems this is still the best WW1 strategic game out there, so I'm ready to try again (I don't mean this as a slight on TEAW, I just have never gotten along with the AGEOD engine (despite my best efforts), so I have no reason to think TEAW will go any better for me. I love the concept of the engine and AGEOD truly does pick incredibly interesting periods and conflicts to cover, but I just can't seem to get into the games themselves).

Which WW1G mods are considered "necessary" by the player community? I don't mean actually needed for the game to function at all, just considered standard mods and fixes to get the best experience. From reading through the forum I think the following are considered "standard" but would like to know if they are still needed and/or stable with 1.08Q:

Random Naval Mod (including locking German Colonial forces until end of 1916)
Turkish Battleships fix? (unclear if this is actually fixed in 1.08Q or still needs correcting by player)
Missing Fortresses fixes (is there a single mod for all missing fortresses or is manual editing required to get all?)
Additional Leaders mod?

Are there any others that are in most peoples "must have" list? Not too worried at this point about graphics or sound mods (but that could change with experience).

With the Naval mod (installing with Generic Mod Enabler), is only one of the naval mods able to be applied at a time? I applied the Grand campaign Naval Mod and it then warned me when trying to install the 1915 naval mod. So it seems the naval mods are either/or between GC, 1915 and 1916?

What are the generally used Config tool settings? It is my understanding that not all options are stable.
From reading, I gathered the following:
Avoid "Lock" Full-Screen mode.
Any others to be avoided? What is "AI Memory"? Is it okay to load all map and all sounds at start? I have plenty of RAM and would like to use it (as long as stable). Is it okay to play sounds in streaming mode? What about Universal Audio?

What is security level?

Same questions for in-game options; are there any gotchas? I have seen people on both sides of WEGO vs. army-by-army mode (both for stability and gameplay vs the AI)

I run Windows 7 (x64), I installed WW1G to a directory outside of Program files, UAC is set to only essential windows processes and I have set exceptions in my anti-virus for both the WW1 directory and the WW1.exe process. Are there any other gotchas I need to know for stability?

I understand that I should save often and still expect occasional crashes. But in my previous attempts (before 1.08Q), I couldn't get even through the first turn without constant crashes. It seems from the forum that the game is far more stable at this point; I absolutely loved the concept and presentation of the game and I am really hoping to get to play now.

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Re: New Player Questions

Mon Apr 24, 2017 3:06 am

Well, my simple reply, get TEAW. It is a really well done game and with almost not glitches. Worth the purchase and the play time.

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