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Wars of Succession has been updated to version 1.01

Mon May 14, 2018 3:40 pm

Hi everybody!

Wars of Succession has been updated to version 1.01!

You can download the patch from here or here

* Replacement bug: units maintenance cost (cut by half) and frequency (every 3 turns) have been reduced to ease the replacement situation
* Combat damages (in both hits and cohesion loss inflicted) has been increased, to reduce the number of ‘skirmish-like’ endless battles.
* Civilization level bug fixed
See: viewtopic.php?f=397&t=52240&p=397012#p397012

* New values better reflecting national specifics of Swedish, English, Dutch armies. Minor fixes to other armies. Polish and Hungarian initial infantries levelled down to Russian pre-reform musketeers.
See: viewtopic.php?f=397&t=52238&p=397342#p397342

* Winter 1709 Great Winter errors and duration fixed
* Regional Decisions renewal events chain fixed
* Regional Decisions of Requisitions and Forced Recruitments (Draft) fixed. In addition they also now cost 1 EP to play.
* Added the possibility in all scenarios to buy additional garrison units (depots, guns and troops)

Other / Events / Options
* Arkhangelsk has now received a Russian shipyard and can be reached via Norwegian Sea
* Number of Supply Wagons in Pool has been largely increased
* All British admirals can lead Dutch ships and vice versa.
* Swedish and Finnish region names changed in map (thanks to our volunteers)
* New option to “Sell War Supplies” has been added, converting 100 WSU to 1000 money
* Option to buy WSU has been beefed up a bit, you now get 50 WSU instead of 20 for the same cost.
* Altranstädt treaty beefed up, Sweden now receive large benefits in money, NM and conscripts
* Savoy Alliance with Grand Alliance Fixed
* Changed behaviour to allow better access to Lines of Brabant event
* Fixed nation relationships to prevent access to neutral Prussia / Brandenburg (the possibility remains but only via political option)
* Added a 20 EP cost to the Grand Alliance expeditions to Gibraltar, Barcelona and Minorca.
* Added an immediate unlock of Habsburg forces (Vienna, Austria, Bohemia) with the Hungarian revolt and / or Bourbon invasion of Austrian territory (otherwise those forces will remain locked in place).

DB Various
* Cossacks can only be recruited in Cossacks areas now (southern Russia / Ukraine / East)
* Polish units names fixed
See: viewtopic.php?f=397&t=52241&p=397024#p397024
* Marlborough and Eugene non-used Strategist abilities (because of no Army command) replaced
* Karl XII is now a forager, i.e. he will increase supply consumption of his stack
* Rhenskjold seniority lowered to allow for more time before he can reach top seniority in Swedish army.

Graphics Various
* Fixed some Swedish regions to have some Swedish accented letters displayed (ex: Smaland)
* New Graphics for Swedish guard foot companies, fixed some other units graphical assignments.

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