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[WON] Wars of Napoleon reveals new Tutorial Videos!

Fri Nov 27, 2015 5:14 pm

Less than a week before the release of one of the finest wargames set in the Napoleonic Era, Wars of Napoleon reveal new tutorial videos!

Wars of Napoleon covers the changing balance of power in Europe from 1805 to 1815 with an impressive amount of realism, granting an immersive experience like no other, which also has five What if Scenarios aimed to recreate, in detail, alternative (but realistic) historical situations!!

After the success of the first []Tutorial[/url], Ageod is proud to reveal a new bunch of videos, sharing a lot of useful information for newcomers and veterans alike!

In Managing Armies you will learn how to find the key info about your armies and commanders. Merging groups, attacking a specific region, understanding the commander skills and the level of cohesion of your soldiers will soon become very familiar to you!


In Tactical Tips and User Interface you will learn how to evaluate a situation before giving orders to your commanders. On top of that, this video gives more details about the user interface and the various filters. You will also learn how to to promote a general in the hierarchy.


In Logistics you will learn how to resupply your armies in Wars of Napoleon. Even elite units cannot fight properly when they lack food and ammunitions. So make sure to build a consistent supply chain with depots and supply wagons.


The game is releasing on 3rd of December! Get more information from its official product page!

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