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Wolfe's seige of Quebec

Mon Oct 17, 2011 10:51 pm

I've been playing the 1759 Annus scenario. In the beginning of the scenario, Wolfe's army is already in Kebec, in a position to put Quebec (city/fort/harbor/depot) under siege.

All the regions surrounding Kebec are red, meaning they are controlled by France and the army can't move to any of those regions. Fair enough.

At first I just gave the army a offensive posture. After a few turns went by, I noticed that the army was getting dangerously low on supply. So I turned their posture to assault. During turn resolution, I won two battles against Quebec.

After turn resolution, I was puzzled to see that there were still French units in Quebec. I thought since I won, I would have killed or taken the units prisoner. Did they sneak in from an adjacent province? I'm not sure.

I also took a French artillery piece. Cool.

I went ahead and assaulted for another turn. Same kind of result, where I "won," but the French were still there, and I captured some more artillery. I also bombarded Quebec with a fleet.

As I gained artillery, I dragged and dropped them on Wolfe's army, thinking that he could use them in his assaults. Then I noticed he was taking a command penalty because the army was getting too big!!

What to do? I have these weak artillery units (and some of the other units have become very weak too). I can't move them into an adjacent region. Can I simply put them in a separate force within Kebec? But then wouldn't they be vulnerable to attack? I guess it's worth the risk. Maybe I could think of them as a reserve?

Another idea would be to move those units onto some transports adjacent to Kebec. But wouldn't they be vulnerable to attack while loading?

At this point, I noticed that Wolfe is not activated. His envelope is brown and there is a padlock icon flashing over it. But the units do not have padlocks on them. Are they locked or not?

I tried dragging an artillery piece onto the fleet, and the UI indicated that it would be loaded. I tried some units too, some artillery and some very weak infantry. However, they wouldn't load, even though there was enough transport capacity, and the units did not appear to be fixed or locked.

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Tue Oct 18, 2011 4:35 am

So many complications. Not sure I can address all, maybe someone else will help on what I do not address.

Wolfe's position is precarious, must win the battle, so fight from turn one.

Battle resolution results make sense if you know this. The French cannot retreat because they are in a fort which you are besieging. You cannot retreat because all areas around you are red. So, you must fight to the death. Or, you could go into passive mode and watch your troops melt away. Try this situation with a fresh Wolfe.

French units are likely the battle survivors who did not retreat, because you are besieging them. Check the battle results screen and see if French survivors remain.

You do not say if this is a winter turn. If so, this may be why you cannot load into the fleet.

You must have captured some naval or fort artillery. These cannot move. They will not show a lock, but if you hover over the unit it will tell you it cannot leave the area. This might be the other reason you cannot load, if winter is not the issue. However, your leader will show locked if containing a naval or fort gun which cannot move.

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Tue Oct 18, 2011 1:18 pm

If you are using advanced activation, the leader can become locked under certain combinations of low supply, low MC and "inactive" status.

This small scenario is all about high risk/low probability assaults..... no time to siege.
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Thu Jul 02, 2015 8:52 pm

Durk wrote:So many complications. Not sure I can address all, maybe someone else will help on what I do not address.

Wolfe's position is precarious, must win the battle, so fight from turn one.


I had a very interesting outcome with this scenario this afternoon. As the English, I didn't bother to move any forces at all apart from bringing a couple of supply wagons to Wolfe from Halifax -- I just wanted to see how the Quebec situation would resolve. Contrary to advice, I sieged for several turns, and saw the French strength drop very rapidly from turn to turn. I attacked only in September, figuring I'd need at least 2 turns of combat to get it done, but to my surprise I walked right in. The French strength at the start of the turn was about 1000. There was no battle, but capitulation. A nice, totally unexpected, historical result! And I won the game on points by a large margin despite not having bothered to move Amherst or undertake the Niagara attack.

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Re: Wolfe's seige of Quebec

Wed Jan 04, 2017 10:40 pm

I was just checking old posts on WIA since I just bought the game and I saw this... Interestingly, I just got the exact same result playing the English yesterday. I had Wolfe siege for a few turns, hoping to wear down the French before an assault. Unfortunately, Wolfe made almost no progress for a couple of months. So, I finally had to assault in October because I was running out of time and supplies. And wham! A cakewalk. Montcalm just rolled over without firing a shot and I won the scenario. Prior to that, I was able to secure Ft. Niagara, Ft. Carillon and Frontenac so I really won going away.

Prior to this, I played the game at least 6 times never really even coming close to winning. But, this was the first time I played the game under the 1.10e version. All the other times I was playing the 1.04c, I think. Evidently they changed it up a bit after the upgrade, because in the earlier games, Wolfe was still on his ships at the mouth of the St. Lawrence. More than a few times, I couldn't even get Wolfe to Quebec right away due to ice. So, this was a nice surprise already having Wolfe at Quebec at the start of the scenario. Of course, in real life, Wolfe didn't manage to bag Quebec until September.

BTW, has anyone ever taken Montreal in this scenario as the British? Seems pretty impossible to me.

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