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New Commands: ChangeStrucType and ChangeUnitType

Wed May 07, 2008 10:09 am

These commands work the same. They convert a Unit (or structure) type into another, on the map (or area/region) and optionnally in the force pool.

Structure force pool is only available for VGN+, the rest can be used elsewhere.

The purpose is to allow changes from technologies or doctrines mostly. Taking the VGN example, if you have Early Industrial Factories and pay for the conversion, then you have to change both on map and in the force pool the 'Early factory Structure Type' to the 'Late Industrial' type.

The same thing apply on units. If you have units which represents 1850 Infantry Corps, you want them to change in due time to 1870 Infantry Corps. This is necessary so that when they get replacements, they get the right model.

The syntax is:

ChangeUnitType = <OldUnitDef>;<NewUnitDef>[;FP][;REGorAREA_AreaUID]

all params can go in the first column in excel, separated by a pipe |
[] means optional
If REG is specified, then the script expect that a region was selected before (with SelectRegion)
if AREA is specified, then follows an area UID
if nothing is specified, then it applies on the whole MAP.

ChangeUnitType = $Inf1850|$Inf1870
it will changes on the whole map all units (not the actual elements in it!) to this type.
ChangeUnitType = $Warriors|$Warbands|FP|Area $aeaWest
It will change all Warriors in the West area into Warbands, including in the force pool.
ChangeStrucType = $Redoubt $BrickFort
Will change all redoubts on map with BrickForts.


If you want to perform a full conversion of units on map, you also have to change the models within. This is handled by the usual couple SelectSubUnits / AlterCuSubUnit, see this thread:

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