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Is state collapse working?

Mon Jun 10, 2013 5:01 pm

I am playing the AD 634 scenario, which should start with the collapse of the Frankish kingdom and the creation of Neustria and Austrasia. But nothing happens ?!

I saved the game just a few weeks before the death of Dagobert (which triggers the event) and edited the .sav file. There are two conditions for the event to occurs (1) Dagobert is not there and (2) Franks are present in region 4006 and 4007. 4007 is Hispania Septentrionalis. Weird. I changed the condition (2) into presence of Franks in regions 4005 and 4006 (Gallia Septentrionalis and Gallia Meridiana) and maybe 4027 (Germania) should be added ? .... Still nothing happens.

Then I removed condition (2) and tested only the absence of Dagobert and it worked ! Well, sort of. I got a message announcing the collapse of the Frankish Kingdom but nothing actually happened, apart ffrom the arrival of reinforcement. No Austrasia and Neustria. I tried again, but replacing Neustria and Austrasia (in the HC_CountryCollpase block) with two existing states (Wisigoths and Lombards). And then the Frankish kningdom was shared between the Wisigoths and Lombards at the death of Dagobert.

So two questions:
- is the test HT_PresentIn working (or working with regions)? (I had a look at the other historical events and this test is so often used that it's a bit scary if doesn't work)
- is the consequence HC_CountryCollpase really able to create new countries? (again quite scary when you think how important it is for the Franks to be split and reborn several times)

Or is it my program that is corrupted in some way (I bought it on the AGEOD website and it is says version 1.07c).


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