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Tue May 08, 2007 3:25 pm

In tooltip, the printing type falls and it is difficult to read words and phrases.
For details, look at the attachment file.

It wrote in another place, too.
Because it likes this game, it hopes to improve strongly.

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Tue May 08, 2007 3:56 pm


Seems to be a problem with the fonts. Which screen resolution are you using?
What are the Windows settings for the fonts? You need to use 96dpi.

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Tue May 08, 2007 5:18 pm

Of course, it sets a font to 96.1dpt.
but seeming cause for tooltiph's becoming short and orange character's getting not to finish entering

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Wed May 09, 2007 8:17 am

Similar problem was already reported somewhere here. Dig in technical support. I am sure it has something to do with fonts and it is not a bug.

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