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Possible recruitment option in BOA2

Tue Mar 04, 2008 3:44 pm

Dear PhilThib, can you make it possible as an option to recruit some militia regiments per colony/state every 3 months for Americans and British and additionally for the Americans some Continental Regiments every 6 months per region.The other option should be some cavalry regiments recruited or buying arms and guns from the french.The militia recruitment should dependant from the possession of strategic towns.Thus the British should get some Tory Militia in Norfolk or Boston from start and some Canadian Militia in Quebec or Montreal.The Irregular regiments should appear per scripted events after conquering some strategic towns for the Brits or by controlling certain objectives or cities for the Americans.The Americans should have a Canadian recruitment option for some Canadian Militia after capturing Montreal and Trois Rivieres and an additional regiment after conquering Quebec.Perhaps the Americans should get some additional militia elements after holding Montreal for 3 months for the Canadian Militia(thus they should have only 2 elements per regiment after recruiting them).
So far my suggestions for BOA2.I hope you can make that happen...


Hohenlohe :siffle:

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Fri Mar 14, 2008 2:41 pm

In BOA2 option system allow recruitment, you will be able to purchase new units or increase replacement (or buy FE points etc ...)

We boost tory militia with garrison and pop events.

We try to represent canadians in american's army too : some canadians militia will pop for americans.

OoO ... your suggestions are in BOA2 :nuts:

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Sat Mar 15, 2008 4:44 pm

Tory militia recruited best when the British controlled towns and areas and the Rebels were weak there, though never to the numbers the British hoped. Tory militia recruited for the duration, usually, which was one reason they recruited poorly. Tory milita, once recruited could be sent anywhere.

Rebel militia tended to turn out in the largest numbers the closer the danger was. Rebel militia usually recruited only for three month terms. This effectively prevented them from being sent far from home. Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Hampshire sent alot of militia to New York. New Jersey, Maryland and Virginia militia would go to adjoining states. Beyond those examples, militia fighting out of their region was rare or non existant.

The original 75 Boston army was all militia, before being accepted into the continental army. Connecticut sent 19 militia regiments to Washihington's New York army in 76 and New York state 9, with others raised for the north and indian fighting. Pennsylvania had 12 militia regiments at Brandywine in 77. Other examples could be given.

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