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PEBM issue

Tue Mar 01, 2016 8:27 pm

My friend and I bought the game recently but have not been able to make the play by mail work. We are using version 1.04, as he was reluctant to put in the patches I found which came out later. We have followed the directions in the manual carefully, but when I act as host, select the scenario, give orders and save, while I am on the game menu I receive the appropriate designation, but the file is not in the WIA/save. When he is the host and we exchange files, a similar event occurs on my end: I am not able to give orders to my side after watching the replay.

We both use Windows 10. We can play solitaire, and believe there is much to enjoy in the game, but quite literally have spent hours trying to get the PEBM to work.

I would like to know if the later patches must be loaded in sequence up to the last one or if the last patch is the only one needed, since it is about 75 megabytes.

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Sun Mar 27, 2016 12:17 am

I have posted these guidelines elsewhere, but they work for your game.
To do pbem in two player games:
Create the game as you normally would, but make sure to provide a unique name for the game. I do something like this - ROP_DurkPrVsHHFD50Als. This helps me keep strait as to sides and from other games.
Then play your turn and save (but do not advance the turn)
Go to the saves folder inside the ROP folder.
Zip or rar all files (but not any folders) - this is important or the game files might become corrupted.
Send to your opponent.
Your opponent then makes that faction's moves, saves and runs the turn.
Then your opponent makes the next move and saves and send the file to you.

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