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Thread: Free online books about American Civil War

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    Default Free online books about American Civil War

    Some 50 books free for download. From stories about generals and battles to overview of whole war.

    Forrest said something about killing a Yankee for each of his horses that they shot. In the last days of the war, Forrest had killed 30 of the enemy and had 30 horses shot from under him. In a brief but savage conflict, a Yankee soldier "saw glory for himself" with an opportunity to kill the famous Confederate General... Forrest killed the fellow. Making 31 Yankees personally killed, and 30 horses lost...

    He remarked, "I ended the war a horse ahead."

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    Don't know if they are in that collection or not, but Google Books has an online reproduction of Battles and Leaders of the Civil War, which is a standard resource for researchers. Unfortunately, the number of typos can really be annoying, sometimes entire phrases have been dropped out of the scans. Still, if you can't afford the $50 USD to pick up the set for yourself, it's a good place to get it.

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    I couldn't find Grant's memoirs on that site but they are available here

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    I've been "collecting" free Civil War books online at Google Books for my Siege of Petersburg web site. Here's the direct link to my online "library":

    Brett's Civil War Books at Google

    While some of these are Siege of Petersburg related, many of these should be of interest to any student of the Civil War. Another great site to find free Civil War books (and ones already formatted for Kindle to boot) is the Internet Archive.

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    Thanks for the links, fellas! I've been positively devouring documentaries and reading material on the Civil War since I started playing AACW. I'm particularly enjoying Grant's memoirs - he's actually a pretty good writer, really brings his campaigns to life.

    Here's what I've found so far, I'll probably add more as I go along. Most of these are from a Wikipedia bibliography.

    Primary Sources:
    The Civil War Letters of Forrest Little
    The Southern Homefront
    Civil War Documents

    Secondary Sources (most of these are pretty dated):
    Abraham Lincoln: A Biography, by Benjamin P. Thomas
    Robert E. Lee, by Douglas Freeman
    The Natural Limits of Slavery Expansion
    Lincoln and the Tools of War
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